Contact Lens Exams and Fitting

Contact lenses are an excellent alternative to glasses for many individuals. Even children may benefit from contact lenses or be prescribed contact lenses by a Doctor of Optometry as they can help in the control of near-sightedness (myopia) or in treating amblyopia (lazy eye).

Advances in contact lens technology have made contacts today even more comfortable and available in a wider range of prescriptions. As such, people with astigmatism, dry eyes, allergies or those who require a multi-focal lens are now able to successfully wear contact lenses. Even if you were previously told you were not a good candidate for contact lenses, the lenses available today may better suit your needs. Our Optometrists are knowledge in the most recent contact lens technologies available and would be pleased to arrange a contact lens consult or fitting at your convenience.

Our contact lens fitting process is very thorough and includes checking your refractive status and corneal health. We will also discuss your history and visual needs with you in detail to ensure we are fitting you with a lens that meets your daily visual demands. A contact lens is a medical device and thus should be fit by a vision professional such as a Doctor of Optometry or Optician.

Order Your Contact Lenses Online

In order to provide the best in service to our clients, we now offer the ability to order your contact lenses through our online tool. We also offer free shipping direct to your home or place of work on most contact lens orders.

Please click below to enter your contact lens information and one of our knowledgeable staff members will contact you to collect payment and confirm your order.