Janet Howse has been working in the field of Recreation Therapy since 2003 with a specialization in Vision Therapy since 2015. In that time, she has worked with a diverse client base in both community agencies and health care settings. She has extensive experience working with stroke, communication disorders, Parkinson’s, Acquired Brain Injury, and dementia.

Janet’s path to vision therapy has been a very rewarding and unexpected road. After graduating with a degree in fine arts she stumbled into a position running art therapy programs on a secure dementia unit. It was a career altering moment. The value of art as a tool to engage the mind, the fascinating world of brain injury and the satisfaction of working to improve the lives of others proved to be an enduring theme in her career. With an interest and specialty in therapeutic art program Janet has continued to build a reputation as an intuitive, compassionate and capable support and advocate for those living with chronic illness and brain injury.

In 2013, she won the Bear’s Lair $25,000 entrepreneurial award for her work on a dementia friendly art kit. She holds a degree from NSCAD University as well as a diploma from George Brown College.

In 2015, she the good fortune to forge a working relationship with Dr. Kristel Jefferies. In Vision therapy, Janet found the perfect marriage of her extensive experience working with brain injury and disorders with the field binocular vision.

Her strengths are her intuition, compassion, ability to push her clients to achieve their goals and an ever-present sense of humour.

She is a proud mom to 2 kids, a small herd of cats and a bizarre culmination of breeding in the form of a pug named Lucy. Janet is also an active visual artist, avid tennis player and enjoys massacring popular songs on her ukulele.