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The Ontario Ministry of Health recently released a directive that optometrists reschedule all non-urgent appointments up to and including March 29th 2020.
In order to improve access to urgent care for our patients, we will remain open and on call for ocular emergencies. This is in an effort to reduce the burden on other local health care facilities and help patients reduce wait times and avoid areas where there is a higher risk of infection transmission, such as a general physicians office or hospital emergency room.

The following is a list of some symptoms that would be considered ocular emergencies: foreign body in the eye, ocular injury or forceful trauma to the eye or surrounding area, sudden loss or decrease in vision, sudden onset of persistent pain in or around the eye, sudden onset of pain with eye movements, sudden onset of flashing lights or floaters, or sudden onset of double vision.
Our on call optometrist is triaging all patient calls and will accept patients for lost or broken glasses where the prescription is high as well as cases of red eye or pink eye based on a description of the symptoms.

If you are unsure if you are experiencing an ocular emergency, please call us to discuss your symptoms. 613-633-0734

Thank-you for your understanding and support. We are sending our best wishes to everyone and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Please be aware that we are not presently a wheelchair accessible clinic. We appreciate your patience as we work toward creating an environment that is fully accessible to individuals with mobility limitations.

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